Publish responsive
business applications
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Compose is a proven low-code platform for government and businesses.
Build, test and verify results of automation fast without coding.

Filling a gap between humans and advanced technology.

Build online services off-the-shelf with easy drag & drop tools. Now you can meet online market demands and keep business in mind at the same time. With platform technology for application development you get;

Faster time to market

Better data quality

Sustainable digital strategies

Time to go Low-Code!

Compose as a Low Code Development Platform (LCDP) eliminates the time spent on hand-coding forms and workflows.
Compose gives you standard tools for standard needs without limiting your options.


Compose To Go AS has spent 15 years developing software that allows you to build applications for governments and businesses without coding. Get your hands on hundreds of features and easy-to-use tools that will add value to your processes.


Make sure your digital strategies don’t fail. Start with a simple service and scale without additional costs. Avoid monster projects that never end and re-take control of your online solutions.


Think ahead and publish applications in responsive design! Compose allows you to build applications for smartphones, tablets and the web and manage them all in one single tool. Give end-users the optimal online experience across multiple channels.


Easy maintenance, repositories and version management makes your solutions flexible to meet future market demands. Flexible integration possibilities allow you to easily build solutions on top or connect to already existing systems.

Update, send and fetch data – Anywhere with Compose integrations

Interoperability with other systems is essential when delivering Low-Code Software. This is why our developers have worked hard to make integrations with Compose incredible easy! Compose integrations allows updating, sending, deleting and fetching data painlessly and flexible.

Internet of Things

IOT connects objects people, processes and data. Integrate Compose as data processing platform for sensor devices.


The true potential in Business Process Management lies in blockchain. Integrate Compose with blockchain cloud services.

Public registers

Integrate public registers in your applications and prepopulate your forms. Don’t waste the customers time by making them type information we can look up for them. You avoid possible typos and get more satisfied customers in return.

Task management systems

Integrating Compose with Jira (or other task management systems) enables your customers, teams or partners to create and report issues and tasks for your backlogs. Assign people and specify categories to the case reported. Jira becomes an integrated part of the workflow, and makes feedback management from external parties fast and simple.

ensures that time and money is spent where it is most needed.
The goal is not to remove administrative policies, but empower them by use of technology.
Learn about the features!

The true potential of BPM lies in blockchain

Blockchain is so much more than Bitcoin! Blockchain offers a shareable & traceable registry to manage assets and data. Connect your business processes to a blockchain cloud network through the Compose application platform and say goodbye to interoperability issues. Blockchain increases efficiency and security through traceable data-transactions.

BLOCKCHAIN & BPM - The answer to freedom and collaboration

Embrace the Internet of Everything

IOE connects objects, people, processes and data. The trillion dollar global opportunity will hit us fast, and it will hit us hard. Businesses and governments who wish to survive the next e-generation decade should embrace the IOE and explore the outer corner values of their operations. With CTG you can take advantage of complete platform technology for the IOE using powerful sensor technology combined with process management.

Transparency in digital transformation

Transparency allows people to make traceable and accountable decisions. Only in an open government – where the public can see, participate and understand – can we optimize all steps in the process. Transparency serves governments with wider trust and eventually better compliance by its citizens. CTG has 15 years’ experience working with e-governments in the fields of usability and standardization. We know exactly what it takes!


Regain control of your digital strategies with Compose.
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