ComposeToGo is a leading Norwegian software company delivering Business Application Platform technology to government and businesses.

We believe it’s our responsibility to empower
the positive effects of our business and minimize the negative.

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Skills and Expertise

Our strategic use of resources within national and international research projects (EU & UN)
allows us to provide customers with world-class technology. ComposeToGo’s focus areas for IT are:


Compose is based on international and national standards for interface, security and GUI. Shared standards is the key to long-term IT solutions and breaks down old habits of isolated systems.


CTG constantly strives to assure interoperability across government organizations. Strategic usage of semantics and metadata in IT enables efficient information exchange between systems, without the need for manual interpretations.


Almost all business and government procedures are defined in law or internal regulations. CTG provides extensive expertise in implementing law-based processes into IT systems, which also lays the foundation on which to build automated case management.


To assure high data quality and wider participation in online self-services, CTG actively promotes user-friendly interfaces and cross-service experiences (single window, life events, etc.) where the service provider puts the needs of the users first

– There are no limitations in technology, - just ethics.
We want to challenge the big vendors with e-sustainability.
Frode P. EttesvollCEO, E-Government activist and public speaker
We have 15 years of experience with e-Government.
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We work with several strategic and empowering partners.

As a Compose Partner, you get more profitable solutions, enabling you to distribute extensive and high quality services.

Increase delivery capacity in digital transformation projects with Compose low-code platform.

Short way to ROI

Low and predictable investment cost. Build increasing revenue without sales expenses.

Better quality

Manage all applications in one platform, increase data quality and digital collaboration.

Fast time to market

Test and verify business ideas fast with low-code tools for data gathering and process automation.

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