Compose is used by both public and private sector.

Kimberley Diamond Trading System

In 2000, the UN adopted the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) as a global scheme to prevent trading of “blood diamonds”. Together with The Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam, CTG built an online trading portal for import and export related processes to assure transparent and secure trading of rough diamonds.

The solution consists of electronic forms for trader registration, plus import and export declaration. Traders can keep track of their on-going applications in a trader portal. Officials manage incoming applications in a transparent case management portal including options for reports and statistics.

Norwegian Armed Forces

The Norwegian Armed Forces annually collects a large number of data from to surveys related to compulsory military service recruitment. They needed an enterprise feedback management system to handle the procedures, and meet strict regulations for sensitive data management. The system also needed high usability and performance ability. CTG delivered Compose as standard platform for e-forms, in addition to reporting and analyzing tools for collected data. The Norwegian Armed forces also uses Compose for other user surveys and internal forms.

Online Birth Registration

Every year, more than 50 million births are not registered. Children without birth certificates are vulnerable to child labor or child marriages. Together with the Ministry of Justice in Vietnam, CTG conducted a pilot to build an online birth registration system for the local municipalities and district offices in Ha Tinh province.
The system included e-forms for birth registration with highly detailed compliance to national laws and regulations in the field of civil registration. Officials manage incoming registrations in a case management portal, and can look up applicants based on their ID number. The system generates birth certificates when applications are approved by officials.

Office of the Auditor General

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is responsible to control that public resources and assets are used in accordance with Parliament’s decision, though auditing, monitoring and guidance. In 2014 The Office of the Auditor General requested a solution for electronic surveys and an online whistleblower channel. CTG technology was chosen based on the software’s high uptime, security and anonymity of collected data. The electronic whistleblower channel consists of a e-form for notifying the OAG about possible misconducts or other irregularities in the public administration. The channel helps OAG to obtain important information in a secure manner. The solution is encrypted from end to end, and has completed and passed safety testing from the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) regarding protecting user’s anonymity. CTG is responsible for operating and maintenance of the solution.

Auomated agreement, Bank ID

BankID delivers electronic identification solutions to Norwegian banks, government and private customers. More than 3.6 million Norwegians uses BankID today. 1 million also uses BankID on their smartphone. In 2012 BankID chose CTG to automate agreement documents with new and existing customers. Customers who wish to use BankID for authentication or identification on their websites fills in a electronic form based on CTG’s technology. Based on the given information and customer’s preferences about features the solution generates a customized agreement document. The agreement must be signed by an authorized representative from the customer company on paper or electronically. The form can therefore be saved and sent to the right person, who logs in and signs the document (e.g. with BankID). The signature is legally binding and simplifies, automate and formalize the agreement process for both parties.